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The Best Kitchen Degreaser & Multi-Purpose Cleaner!

JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser is a powerful, non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner that removes everyday grease and grime!  This fast-acting degreaser for kitchens will leave surfaces haze-free and streak-free without harming granite, stainless steel or other modern surfaces. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal, JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser is also great for cleaning barbecues and grills! This eco-friendly cleaning product, which can be refilled up to 26 times, has a light orange-cinnamon scent.

JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser also works great on:

INSIDE: Kitchen countertops (granite, corian, formica),  sinks, range tops & hoods,  ceramic tile, cabinets, appliance interiors & exteriors.
OUTSIDE: Outdoor furniture, lawn decor, boats, recreational vehicles, grills & barbecues too! Watch this video to see how great our Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser works on grills!

Discover the many uses for JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser!

Each reusable JAWS bottle ships empty with 2 Refill Pods~ Just Add Water!


Product Description

Best Kitchen Degreaser

JAWS Kitchen Degreaser is the best multi-purpose cleaner as it is safe on granite, stainless steel, microwaves, cabinets, countertops, kitchen appliances, grills and more! All JAWS Cleaners are biodegradable and non-toxic and therefore safe around your families and pets. Our refillable, eco-friendly cleaning products reduce plastic in landfills, conserve resources and save the hassle and money from buying bottle after bottle.

Your order will include 1 reusable Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser bottle (27 oz.) and 2 Refill Pods (19.6 mL each.)

How JAWS Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Work:

1) Refill – When your bottle is empty, refill with water to the fill line. JAWS reusable bottles can be refilled up to 26 times, saving the environment and your wallet!
2) Reload – Insert the 100% recyclable Refill Pod into the neck of the bottle.
3) Reuse – Insert the sprayer through the pod; tighten sprayer to release concentrate and go right back to cleaning.


Directions: Pretest on surface prior to use. Do not use if discoloration or damage occurs. Spray 6-8 inches from surfaces and then wipe clean, let sit on surface for tougher spills if necessary. Also, you can spray JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser directly onto grills and cooking pans for a deep clean. Always make sure to rinse food contact surfaces with water after use.

Ingredients: Water; pH Buffers; Biodegradable Surfactants and Solvents; Fragrance; Colorant.

Also available: Hardwood Floor CleanerGlass Cleaner and Daily Shower Cleaner.


Average Score: 4.95 (19 ratings)
cleans stainless!

Fantastic on stainless steel surfaces. I ran a food mfg. plant for 26 years and have used many products to clean the stainless this is the best I ever tried. try using it on a vegetable oil mixing tank that cost $30,000.

Love it

Awesome product will recommend

Kitchen cleaner

Jaws kitchen cleaner is fabulous. I love the scent & no streaking.

Great Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser

Just used this great cleaner on my black kitchen appliances…, no streaks. I don’t have much storage space so the small refill pods are great. I can store pods for 4 bottles in less space than 1 extra bottle would take up.


I love this product! Works great and leaves everything looking and feeling clean! Its effective and not expensive. I’ll recommend to those who look for a good relation cost/effectivity

The best cleaner you can buy. Period.

This stuff works. What else can I say. Cleans microwave, stovetop, counters, BBQ grills. Just about anything you can think of. I will never buy anything else.


I love this. It performs as promised. I wished it had more of an orange smell, but it gets the job done. I’ll be using it to clean my stove later this afternoon.

JAWS does an Amazing job!

I used it on my range hood and stovetop. It cut through not only the grease but spaghetti sauce platters. It left no residue on my appliances and didn’t dry out my skin (I don’t use gloves). The cartridges save on storage space for cleaning supplies.”


I can’t believe how this product outperformed every cleaning product I have in my house. It smells good, cleans without streaking and even cleans up baked-on/splashed gravy and other foods from the stovetop.


I was so impressed with the all purpose degreaser. I made meat loaf for my family tonight and the dish had that horrible baked on grease when I removed the meat. I sprayed it with the degreaser, added water and let it set a few minutes. I then took a paper towel and easily wiped the dish clean. It was amazing! From there It was ready for a quick wash in the dish washer. I never would have thought of this use for the degreaser, but will always do this with my greasy dishes in the future.

Great for camping!

From now on JAWS is our new camping buddy! It works great on everything including the RV, which got pretty messy this weekend! Thanks JAWS!

Great for grills!

JAWS is a wonderful product. I used it on my range hood, indoor grill and barbecue. It took the grease off of these items quickly and easily. I like that you mix it yourself with water, which is much more eco-friendly

Works great on my bike!

I tried the kitchen cleaner on my road bike and it did a great job! It’s all shiny and ready for summer now!

Love this Kitchen Cleaner!

Your kitchen cleaner spray is awesome. The hood to the stove always had something on it that i just couldn’t get off. I spray Jaws on it & it’s smooth to the touch. My stove looks brand new after i spray it & grease comes right off glass lids. I am so happy with your product.

Great Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser!

This product is great. I used it on several cleaning projects, and it worked great on all of them. I spilled and splattered grease on my stove, and it wiped it off streak-free. I’ve never used a product that did this. I cleaned up greasy fingerprints on the door to the garage, and JAWS took them off better and easier than anything else I’ve used – without taking the paint off. This is a great product.

Highly Recommend!

“I recommend this product very highly. Not only is it very effective on cleaning and as a degreaser, but using the refill cartridges helps save the environment by keeping unnecessary plastics that aren’t biodegradable out of our landfills. Finally!”

Terry K. Jones

Great Kitchen Cleaner!

“I used this product on my toughest area to keep clean the control panel on my stove. This product made quick work of removing the grease that builds up on the top and face of the control panel. It usually takes two different products to do what this product did with one application.”

Review of Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser

“I purchased your Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser yesterday in my local supermarket and haven’t stopped cleaning since. Your product actually does what it says it does. I love it. I live in Australia and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product.”

Review of Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser

I used this on my car, cleaned the inside and wheels too!

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