Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner – Great on all Types of Flooring & Tiles!

JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a high-performance, neutral pH, non-toxic cleaner that is safe for your hardwood, tiles and other flooring surfaces. Get the dirt and grime out while leaving your floors shining and streak-free! Plus, with eco-friendly JAWS Refill Pods, you save money and reduce plastic waste in the environment as JAWS bottles can be reused up to 26 times!

Cleans more than your hardwood floors:

Sealed wood or hardwood surfaces, marble and terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tile, stone, concrete, bamboo and laminate flooring.  You can also use this cleaner on wood cabinets (inside and out), tables and shelving. Discover the many uses for JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Recent winner of The 2015 Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick Award (page 84), “the Hardwood Floor Cleaner quickly cleans sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum and natural stone floors without leaving behind hazy residue or streaks.” Learn more about our floor cleaner in this interview on the At Home with Gary Sullivan Show.
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Each reusable JAWS bottle ships empty with 2 refill pods ~ Just Add Water!


Product Description

Hardwood Floor Cleaner

JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner is safe on sealed or hardwood surfaces, marble and terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tile, stone, concrete, bamboo and laminate flooring. You can also use this non-toxic floor cleaner on wood cabinets (inside and out), tables and shelving. and more! This neutral pH floor cleaner works well with all types of water – hard, soft and well water, making this the best hardwood floor cleaner around.

Why Use JAWS Non-toxic Floor Cleaner?

When you are cleaning your floors, you’re actually cleaning the finish or the seal so you don’t need or want an aggressive cleaner that strips away the finish. While vinegar is a great cleaner, it is aggressive and over time can damage your flooring surfaces. JAWS neutral pH floor cleaner is gentle and safe for all types of flooring.  Plus, since all JAWS Cleaners are biodegradable and non-toxic, they are safe for your families and pets as well. Our eco-friendly cleaning system reduces plastic in landfills, conserves resources and save the hassle and money from buying bottle after bottle. Pleasant lemon-lime scent.

Your order will include 1 reusable Hardwood Floor Cleaner bottle (27 oz.) and 2 Refill Pods (19.6 mL each.)

How JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner Works:

1) Refill – When your bottle is empty, refill with water to the fill line. JAWS reusable bottles can be refilled up to 26 times, saving the environment and your wallet!
2) Reload – Insert the 100% recyclable JAWS Refill Pod into the neck of the bottle.
3) Reuse – Insert the sprayer through the pod; tighten sprayer to release concentrate and go right back to cleaning.


Directions: Pretest on floor surface prior to use. Do not use if discoloration or damage occurs. Spray 6-8 inches from surface and wipe or mop with micro-fiber towel or mop.

Ingredients: Water, Plant Derived Surfactants; Corn Derived Ethanol; Biodegradable Water Conditioner and Hydrotrope; Fragrance; Preservative; Colorants.

Also available: Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser, Glass Cleaner and Daily Shower Cleaner.


Average Score: 5 (7 ratings)
Floor cleaner

Very Good!

Awesome. No streaks.

Works great on both ceramic tile and laminate wood. No streaking and the product goes a long way. I have the same pod for over 6 months now. Awesome.

In love with JAWS

I just tried your product for the first time. I am in love! Thanks!!!

Love it!

I just tried it and I LOVE IT!!!

Love JAWS Hardwood Floor Cleaner!

I especially like using the JAWS for my wooden floors! It cleans all scuffs, and picks up dirt, leaving my hardwood floors so clean and fresh smelling as well. I absolutely love your products and I highly recommend them!

Safe for Pets!

“I feels great using this product on our floors as I know it is safe for our pets and little ones. The eco-friendly part is a huge bonus!”

Review of Hardwood Floor Cleaner

“What a concept! It’s great not having to pay for (or store) all that water. The cartridge is great. It’s easy to use and easy to store. The cleaner is marvelous, especially since I know it’s safe and eco-smart too. I’m also glad that I can reuse the spray bottle. I’ve been wanting something like this for years. Three cheers that someone finally did it.”

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