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The Best Streak-Free Glass Cleaner for Windows, Mirrors & More!

JAWS glass cleaner delivers the best streak-free shine you can find! Good Housekeeping tested 17 cleaners and said JAWS was the only one to leave no streaks behind. Plus, with JAWS Refill Pods, you save money and reduce plastic waste in landfills as JAWS bottles can be reused up to 26 times!

JAWS Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner is safe and works great on the following:

Windows & mirrors, granite, stainless steel, eyeglasses, laptops, computer monitors, smart phones, tablets, plasma, LCD and LED tv screens, video game systems, digital cameras, webcams and more*! Discover the many uses for JAWS streak-free Glass Cleaner.

This alcohol-free & ammonia-free glass and window cleaner is also safe on your modern surfaces and electronics.* Recent winner of The 2015 Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick Award (page 84), JAWS “streak-free glass cleaner, formulated without ammonia or alcohol, can be used on most home surfaces, including granite, stainless steel, and smartphones and tablet screens, as well as HDTVs.”
*For electronics, spray directly onto a lint-free towel or cloth and wipe gently. Find cleaning tips for your electronics


Each reusable JAWS bottle ships empty with 2 Refill Pods ~ Just Add Water!


Product Description

Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner

JAWS Glass Cleaner is is the best streak-free glass cleaner or best streak-free window cleaner around as it is both ammonia-free and alcohol-free and therefore provides a streak-free shine on so many surfaces around your home. This versatile cleaner is great on not only glass, but stainless steel, granite and other modern surfaces like your smartphone, tablet, monitor, TV screens and even eyeglasses.

Best Streak-Free Glass Cleaner Around

JAWS Glass Cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable and therefore safe around your families and pets. Our JAWS – Just Add Water System – is a streak-free, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solution for your home. JAWS Cleaners help reduce plastic waste, conserve resources and save consumers money as you can reuse the spray bottles up the 26 times with JAWS Refill Pods.

Your order will include 1 reusable Glass Cleaner bottle (27 oz.) and 2 Refill Pods (19.6 mL each.)

How JAWS Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Work:

1) Refill – When your bottle is empty, refill with water to the fill line. JAWS reusable bottles can be refilled up to 26 times, saving the environment and your wallet!
2) Reload – Insert the 100% recyclable Refill Pod into the neck of the bottle.
3) Reuse – Insert the sprayer through the pod; tighten sprayer to release concentrate and go right back to cleaning.


Directions: Pretest on surface prior to use. Do not use if discoloration or damage occurs. Spray surface and then wipe clean with lint-free towel or cloth. For electronics, spray directly onto a lint-free towel or cloth and wipe gently. Find cleaning tips for your electronics.

Ingredients: Water, Plant Derived Surfactants; Biodegradable Solvent and Hydrotrope; Preservative; Colorant.

Also available: Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser, Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Daily Shower Cleaner.



Average Score: 4.91 (11 ratings)

Best glass cleaner for winter road grim! Makes for a safer trip…..

Great product

I love this product! Works great and leaves everything looking and feeling clean! Its effective and not expensive. I’ll recommend to those who look for a good relation cost/effectivity

Streak-free Cleaner Indeed

We have a TON of windows and sliding glass doors and JAWS Glass Cleaner has saved me so much time as they are now streak-free in one cleaning! Thanks JAWS!

The BEST glass cleaner period. JAWS!!!

Incredible is all I can say. The first time I did the windows I could not believe how crystal clear and NO streaks whatsoever. The mirrors in the bathroom also came out perfect. I used a microfiber cloth with this and it works great. Thanks JAWS!!!!

Our customers love JAWS

The JAWS concept has been the perfect addition to my stores and takes up less space than leading brands. My customers appreciate products that are good for the environment and help them save money without sacrificing cleaning performance. They have responded very well to “the movement”, and this system keeps them coming back to our store to buy more JAWS refills.

Cleaning in AZ

I faithfully used your glass cleaner and even though we have hard water here in AZ, JAWS does an amazing job cleaning all glass throughout the house!

Awesome Glass Cleaner!

Have tried only the glass cleaner but it is AWESOME! No streaks.

Love this product!

Love this product! Works great and leaves everything looking and feeling clean! We have young children and cheap store brand furniture that looks nice but leaves lots of handprint smudges…this stuff really cleans it! Thank you!

Great glass cleaner system

“I like feeling like I can convenience myself by saving space and money while I positively affect the environment. I feel guilty for throwing away to the landfill all those Windex bottles of the past.”

Review of Glass Cleaner

“I just wanted to let you know that I am a housecleaner and I tested out your products in my business and was VERY IMPRESSED. The glass cleaner is the BEST I have ever used it does a perfect job EVERY time. All 3 products (glass, bath and multi-purpose) left a beautiful shine. GREAT STUFF!!

Review of Glass Cleaner

We love JAWS Products!! Great system, Great Cleaners!

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