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Gary (At Home with Gary Sullivan) was “spot on” (pun intended) about these products. We were thinking about having our hardwood floors refinished but wanted to try the wood cleaner after hearing Gary talk about how wonderful these products are. JAWS offered a multi-pack of all their cleaners at a reasonable price so I decided to order it and try all their products, to see which ones worked best. The floor cleaner is fantastic and leaves no filmy residue. But, we are particularly impressed with the glass cleaner. Nothing we used on our stainless steel appliances has worked like JAWS glass cleaner. It’s really great on our black granite counter tops making them sparkle and shine like new. Thanks, Gary, for always recommending the best products!

Deborah Gibson Hodge

A customer calls in about home improvement work he does and how he has relied on JAWS for years for his business! Here this quick clip on our Youtube channel

Rosie on the House caller

“I love your products. I use them in my classroom all the time, nothing works better for cleaning up behind kids.They are safer to use in my Special Needs classroom and they work better than what our custodians use to clean with. I’ve turned all my teaching friends onto your products.”


A happy customer said the Kitchen Cleaner “is fabulous. It works better at degreasing than anything I have ever had before.” Hear the rest on our Youtube channel

At Home with Gary Sullivan caller

“What a great idea – comes with sprayer bottles and two each cartridges for every cleaning task. Easy to prepare – just add water, slide in the cartridge, screw in the nozzle and you are ready to clean. Like the idea behind this product.

Amazon buyer

“I just tried your product for the first time. I am in love! Thanks!!!”

Elyse Albaugh

“I just used JAWS Disinfectant & Degreaser to get a massive trailing grease stain out of a favorite shirt… All the usual products (Shout, hairspray and straight Dawn) failed me! Last ditch effort… WOW!! Impressed… no damage to fabric either. :)”

Kelly Larrow, Toledo, OH

“I just wanted to let you know that I am a housecleaner and I tested out your products in my business and was VERY IMPRESSED.  The glass cleaner is the BEST I have ever used  – — does a perfect job EVERY time.  All 3 products (glass, bath and multi-purpose) left a beautiful shine…. GREAT STUFF!!

Robin Scofield, El Mirage, AZ

“So many benefits to using these products.  The one I like best is the fact that the original plastic bottle can be reused. My recycle bags are so full. Nice also to find something to use on PC monitor. “

Pam Decker

“I just tried it and I LOVE IT!!!”

Alicia Deals, Alicia’sDealsinAZblogger.

“I purchased your Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser yesterday in my local supermarket and haven’t stopped cleaning since.  Your product actually does what it says it does.  I love it.  I live in Australia and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product.”

Pam Garven

 “I like feeling like I can convenience myself by saving space and money while I positively affect the environment. I feel guilty for throwing away to the landfill all those Windex bottles of the past.”

Lara Jonson

“I don’t understand why more companies don’t do what they have done at JAWS® International…I mean, look at what all the great benefits are to everyone… even the manufacturer…It really is the right thing to do!”

John Shepard, manager

“I used this product on my toughest area to keep clean  the control panel on my stove. This product made quick work of removing the grease that builds up on the top and face of the control panel. It usually takes two different products to do what this product did with one application.”

Elizabeth A. Grove

This product is quickly becoming my new BFF!  I use it in the kitchen, bathrooms and anywhere else I can think of.  As a busy mom of two, I don’t always have time to scrub, but JAWS takes the bite out of housework.”

Gretchen Hawkins

“What a concept!  It’s great not having to pay for (or store) all that water. The cartridge is great.  It’s easy to use and easy to store. The cleaner is marvelous, especially since I know it’s safe and eco-smart too. I’m also glad that I can reuse the spray bottle.  I’ve been wanting something like this for years. Three cheers that someone finally did it.”

Nevada Huaute

“I recommend this product very highly. Not only is it very effective on cleaning and as a degreaser, but using the refill cartridges helps save the environment by keeping unnecessary plastics that aren’t biodegradable out of our landfills.  Finally!”

Terry K. Jones

“This product is great.  I used it on several cleaning projects, and it worked great on all of them.  I spilled and splattered grease on my stove, and it wiped it off streak-free.  I’ve never used a product that did this.  I cleaned up greasy fingerprints on the door to the garage, and JAWS took them off better and easier than anything else I’ve used – without taking the paint off.  This is a great product.”

Dawn Kostreva

“I can’t believe how this product outperformed every cleaning product I have in my house.  It smells good, cleans without streaking and even cleans up baked-on/splashed gravy and other foods from the stovetop.”

Jeana McLellan

“This product’s performance as a cleaner was amazing. Other products have failed to remove a black scum ring from around the bathtub, but JAWS easily removed it with little effort. The product didn’t leave a soapy residue behind, and it was very easy to rinse off.”

Sherry Mudd

“I used it on my range hood and stovetop. It cut through not only the grease but spaghetti sauce platters. It left no residue on my appliances and didn’t dry out my skin (I don’t use gloves). The cartridges save on storage space for cleaning supplies.”

Shelby Rogers

“JAWS is a wonderful product. I used it on my range hood, indoor grill and barbecue. It took the grease off of these items quickly and easily. I like that you mix it yourself with water, which is much more eco-friendly.”

Susan Rowan

“The JAWS concept has been the perfect addition to my stores and takes up less space than leading brands.  My customers appreciate products that are good for the environment and help them save money without sacrificing cleaning performance. They have responded very well to “the movement”, and this system keeps them coming back to our store to buy more JAWS refils.”

Jim Sautter, Owner of Sautter’s Food Center.

“I am a connoisseur of cleaning products, a green freak and I live in a hi-rise. JAWS offers me a great way to get effective cleaning, do my part for environment and save precious closet space. There’s no way I’d go back to other cleaners. This stuff is genius!”

Susie Shaw