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Mom Knows Best 2- JAWS Just Add Water System #Clean #NonToxic #Jaws

June, 2016

I have two dogs that I have to make sure I use non toxic cleaners on my floors for. So they do not get sick.


Adventures with Kiddos reviews JAWS – Just Add Water System

June, 2016

Water – the common thing we all have in our home. Cleaning – something we all do. From harsh chemicals to horrible smelling to.. wait, what’s this?


Tiffany and Stephanie Reviews: JAWS – Just Add Water Systems

April, 2016

Did I mention how fun they are to make up? You just fill the water to the fill line and put your pod right in the top. When you screw your trigger sprayer back on it releases the cleaning concentration into the water. It is the most fun I have ever had with a cleaner!


The Money Pit: JAWS Cleaning Products are Tough, Non-Toxic and Reusable!

April, 2016

The Money Pit Reviews JAWS Just Add Water System


Stephs Cheers and Jeers – Keep Your House Sparkling with JAWS – Just Add Water System
March 2016
“I personally LOVE the JAWS system! It is powerful but safe to use around my pets and does not irritate my asthma. “


New Age Mama reviews JAWS Just Add Water System
December 2015
“Healthier alternatives to cleaning products are becoming increasing popular. I myself am always looking for safer products to keep things clean at home, so I was happy to come across these products.”


Parenting Healthy – JAWS Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
December 2015
“Not only is this the healthiest option for our environment when it comes to cleaning products, it is healthier on our wallets in cost and is highly effective in getting the job done.” – JAWS for Counter tops and Floors – You’ll Never Go Back to Pre-Mixed Water!
November 2015
“JAWS, which stands for Just Add Water Systems, is a new line of Earth-saving mix-it-yourself cleaners that actually do the job.”


Crazy House Reviews – EcoFriendly Cleaning with the Just Add Water System
November 2015
“If you are looking for a cleaning system that eliminates the dirt and grime AND all of the plastic bottle waste and toxic chemicals, let me introduce you to a brand new way to clean.”


Jim reviews – JAWS Just Add Water System
October 2015
“No mess, no fuss! A pretty cool system!” “Once you try this you will never go back to those leaky caustic cleaners again!”


The ABCD Diaries: Time for fall cleaning with JAWS – Giveaway
September 2015
“These cleaners work great and are safe enough for the kiddos to use, which is an even bigger bonus. They have been having so much fun using JAWS, they have asking for extra chores! Any product that does that is a winner in my book:)”


Bites Reviews You Can Use – JAWS Cleaning Kit Giveaway
September 2015
“Unlike traditional cleaning products, JAWS encourages consumers to reuse the plastic spray bottle after it is empty.”


Hello Natural – JAWS Household Cleaner Giveaway
August 2015
“JAWS stands for Just Add Water System, and it is a game changing cleaning product that can be used both indoors and outdoors!!”

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