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Where to Use JAWS Cleaners

JAWS Cleaners are incredibly versatile and safe for many areas of your home in addition to the typical areas you always clean like your kitchen, bathrooms, floors and windows. For example, because JAWS Glass Cleaner is free of both ammonia and alcohol, it is safe on many electronics and modern surfaces, like stainless steel.  Simply spray some Glass Cleaner on your micro-fiber towel and clean your smartphone, tablet, HDTV or stainless steel refrigerator.  Try it on your eyeglasses too!  See our “Where to Use” chart below for many more uses of the Glass Cleaner.

Have you tried JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser outside the home yet?  Many customers claim they have never found a better cleaner for stubborn stains on their grills!  It is also great on your tires, bicycles and patio furniture in addition to your kitchen countertops, appliances, stovetops and stainless steel surfaces.

And the non-toxic Hardwood Floor Cleaner works great on so much more than your hardwood floors!  It is safe to use on marble, stone, terazzo, linoleum and your cabinets just to name a few.  Finally, JAWS Daily Shower Cleaner is also versatile and can be used around the bathroom on your sinks, toilets, ceramic or porcelain tile and grout.

See the “Where to Use” chart below for a more complete list of the many uses of our JAWS Cleaners – both inside and outside of your home.
*All JAWS products are safe for hard surfaces not harmed by water, non-toxic and biodegradable.
JAWS Useage Chart

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