Shop for Streak-free JAWS Cleaners and Refill Pods

We’ve got four versatile and eco-friendly cleaning products to help you all around your home. JAWS Cleaners work great on windows, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, hardwood floors, counter-tops and every surface in between. Plus, our non-toxic cleaning products are reusable and biodegradable too!

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

JAWS reusable bottles can be refilled up to 26 times with JAWS Refill Pods, saving the environment and your wallet. One pack of refill pods makes 2 full bottles of cleaner, for typically less than the price of another bottle of cleaner! When your bottle of cleaner is empty, just add water, insert a refill pod and twist on the sprayer to create a new bottle of cleaner.

So if you are looking for the best streak-free glass cleaner, the best kitchen degreaser, an incredible, safe and non-toxic floor cleaner or a fantastic daily shower cleaner, look no further! JAWS ammonia free Glass Cleaner, for example, is safe on more than just mirrors & windows!  Try it on eyeglasses, smartphones, stainless steel & other electronics. And the versatile degreaser for kitchen works wonders on the grill as well, as it is one of the best multi-purpose cleaners out there! To find the right cleaner for every cleaning task around your home, be sure to check out our Where to Use Chart.

Shop for your favorite JAWS Cleaner below or find them at a local retailer today:
Glass Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser, Daily Shower Cleaner, Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Refill Pods & JAWS Home Cleaning Kit (All 4 Cleaners + Refill Pods included.)

Best Streak-free Glass Cleaner          Best Kitchen Degreaser          Daily Shower Cleaner          Hardwood Floor Cleaner

                    JAWS Home Cleaning Kit                   JAWS Refill Pods                             

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