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We’ve got four versatile and eco-friendly cleaners to help you clean your windows, kitchen, showers, hardwood floors, counter-tops and every surface in between. Plus, our non-toxic household cleaners are biodegradable too!

Eco-friendly Cleaners

JAWS re-usable bottles can be refilled up to 26 times with JAWS Refill Pods, saving the environment and your wallet. One pack of refill pods makes 2 full bottles of cleaner – for typically less than the price of another bottle of cleaner! When your bottle of cleaner is empty, just add water, insert a refill pod and twist on the sprayer to create a new bottle of cleaner.

So if you are looking for the best streak-free glass cleaner, the best kitchen degreaser, an incredible and safe hardwood floor cleaner or a fantastic non-toxic bathroom cleaner, look no further! To find the right cleaner for every surface, appliance, flooring type, counter-top and more, be sure to check out our Where to Use Chart.

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