just add water system

The JAWS (Just Add Water System)

The Just Add Water™ System helps you make a real difference, right where you live. Each cleaner is super-concentrated to work hard on your toughest household tasks, yet kinder to the environment than other cleaners. Using JAWS® cleaners helps reduce plastic waste, conserve resources and saves you money, time and space.

It’s a win-win situation - all over the house.

Economical Economical:
A wallet-and-earth-friendly clean.
Did you know that conventional cleaners contain up to 97% water? That means you’re paying for water every time you buy them. Not so with the Just Add Water System. With one reusable bottle, a compact cartridge refill, and your own H2O, the Just Add Water System costs you 30-50% less than the ready-to-use stuff.
Effective Effective:
Real results every time.
You might think that something so earth-friendly won’t work as well as other cleaners, right?  Not so. Each Just Add Water cartridge contains super-concentrated cleaning power, which, when released in water, creates a high performance clean. JAWS cleaners work as hard as the other guys, if not harder. They’re as powerful on dirt as they are gentle on the planet.
Environmental Environmental:
Reuse. Make a real difference.
There’s too much plastic, overflowing landfills and depleting resources. We wanted to be part of the solution - and now you can too. JAWS cleaners use 70% less packaging material, leave 59% less packaging waste, require 59% less energy to transport, reduce water pollutants by 85%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 60%. With just one plastic refillable spray bottle and a powerful cleaning cartridge, you’re going green every time you clean.
Convenient Convenient:
Simple to use. Simple to store.
The Just Add Water  System makes it easier to stay organized and save space. With conventional cleaners, you have to buy a new bottle every time you run out - maybe even several bottles at once. That means you’re not only wasting precious storage space, but also the fuel it takes to get to the store - and all the other resources that are used to ship the bottles. Each JAWS reusable bottle comes with a refill cartridge attached. Everything’s in one uncluttered spot. In fact, Just Add Water cartridges use very little storage space. And that makes a big difference.
Ready to Use Ready to Use:
Ready, set, spray!
The Just Add Water System comes with everything you need. One full refillable bottle, a reusable trigger sprayer and a super-concentrated cleaning cartridge. And after you use the contents of your first bottle, all you do is add water to the fill level, insert the refill cartridge into the bottleneck, insert the sprayer, screw it back in, shake gently and you’re ready to unleash the power.  Yep, that’s all.


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