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You want proof? We got your proof, right here.

JAWS International Ltd. recently completed 3 important studies that support all the major advantages of our patented packaging technology. The results? Amazingly positive for the consumer, the supply chain and the planet.

A change in packaging can create a change in our world.

Pretty incredible, huh?

The first study, at Michigan State University’s nationally acclaimed School of Packaging identified the environmental impact of the tiny JAWS® cartridge compared to the impact of 32 ounce spray bottles filled with cleaners.

The researchers found that the petroleum-based oil used in plastic bottles has a really, really negative impact on the environment. The effect that conventional spray bottles have on our landfills is outta control.

However, using JAWS products can actually help stop this horrendous waste.
And we can start now.

Read the whole Environmental Impact Study here (PDF)

Our second study was done by eSync, a supply chain leader. They explored the economical impact that cartridge technology has on how manufacturers and brands move their product from plant to store.

From the consolidation ratio of 1:30 (30 trucks of standard spray bottles to one truck of JAWS cartridges), to the reduction of warehouse space, decreased manpower and fork lift power; the conservation of precious diesel, gasoline and liquid petroleum fuels was totally mind-boggling. It showed us that decreased dependence on foreign oil is possible. And you can help make it happen.

Read the whole Supply Chain Impact Study here. (PDF)

The third study was all about consumer’s feelings about our patented technology.

Sure, we thought the results would be positive - and they were - big time. Nearly 80% of consumers said they liked the idea, thought it was innovative and would actually switch from their old favorite brand to JAWS. In other words, consumers get us, and they want to make a difference as much as we do.

Read the whole Consumer Concept Acceptance Study here. (PDF)

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