Why JAWS? A Better Cleaning Solution for A Better World!

Each JAWS cleaner is strong enough to tackle your toughest household tasks, yet is kinder to the environment with reusable spray bottles

and super-concentrated refill pods to reduce plastic waste, conserve resources and save you money.

JAWS Eco-friendly Cleaning ProductsEffective:
Real results every time.
Each JAWS refill pod contains super -concentrated cleaning power that stops streaks, removes residue and halts haze like no cleaner you’ve ever tried before.

Simple to use. Easy to store.
There’s no pouring, no spilling and no hassle like conventional refill bottles. You’re not buying and carrying home a heavy bottle you’re bringing home a lightweight refill pod. And our refill pods are so small you can always find room to store them.

A wallet and earth friendly clean.
Regular cleaners are mostly water. Instead, use one pre-filled, reusable JAWS bottle. When it’s empty, fill it with water from your faucet, drop in a pod and save money!

Reuse and make a difference.
JAWS spray bottles are designed to last longer and be re-used – up to 26 times in fact! So, when you run out, instead of buying new bottles of

cleaner, you only have to purchase our 100% recyclable pods. And that keeps plastic out of the landfills.

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